Learn how to think clearly during an emergency

Education & Training

Preparation will be the difference between success and failure when faced with an unexpected threat to your business, people, and property. We created the SECA Training Program program to teach leaders and employees the best practices to mitigate threats.

The SECA Training Program educates business leaders and employees on the best practices to mitigate threats to your organization and helps you think clearly and respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

Education and training will include best practices for: 

  • Security procedures
  • Workplace threat scenarios
  • Continuity of business plans 
  • Threat analysis
  • Crisis intervention training
  • Media response training 
  • Implicit and explicit bias training 
  • …and a range of custom options that will be designed to fit your specific needs.

SECA Secure will help you not just survive but thrive through difficult times or a state of emergency.

We will empower you to think clearly and respond with appropriate action when the time is needed.

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I always enjoy working with the SECA Security team. Their expertise shows through in everything they do.

Greg Daily, Owner, Science In Advertising